Wineskin: a “second skin” for wine

Last summer I went on holidays to the Californian Coast and as wine lovers as we are, we made it to the wonderful Napa valley where we stayed for a couple of days. In my previous post ( I tell you about the wonderful hotel (Old World Inn) where I stayed and received great tips for winery visiting.

In the wineries, the typical thing to do is wine tasting (you pay 10 to 15 USD, allowing you to taste 3 different wines).  Unluckily the winery facilities are not visited, neither are the vineyards, and therefore the experience is much different from the didactic and complete visits in the Spanish wineries (just to mention, I have pending a post on my recent Easter holidays in the Rioja wine region).

Well, over there, in Napa I discovered one of the greatest inventions of the last decade: the WineSkin.  It is a protective plastic skin, bottle shaped, with a double coating: inner plastic bubbles and flexible but tougher plastic as outer skin with and adhesive closing. This guarantees that in case that the bottle shatters, the liquid will not ruin the content of your luggage. The only backside is that in theory is of a ONE use device, due to the adhesive closing.

WineSkin bottle transport system

With the tight flight restrictions of the last decade in terms of hand luggage in the airports, we are only allowed to carry wine bottles that have been purchased in the airport (more pricey and with a not so wide choice).  However you can risk packing the wine bottles in your suitcase, risking a bottle shatter which would dye your clothes.

Being very fond to taste and buy wine wherever I go (see my post ) and specially, if I can enjoy a visit to a winery in the Chianti region in Tuscany, Napa valley in the USA, or the Maipo valley in Chile, I  could not be any happier with this new invention.

I still do not know where it is sold in Madrid (I will look for in Lavinia wine shop), but this weekend I read an article on this wonderful device in the weekend edition of the El Mundo newspaper ( , which means that this item is currently available in Spain.

Find the link to the official web page, may you be interested in further information:

Now that I mention it, I have just visited their web page, and I have seen that they have increased the family and there are new items available…

WineSkin bottle transport system

WineSkin bottle transport system

And since I am telling you about wines, I just recall one more of the wonder inventions that we brought from my California trip: WineAir, Wine aerator:  a small accessory that allows you to air the wine while you serve it in a wine glass. It is much more convenient that the Vinturi, one of the other wine aerator in the market, which I like very much, but has the backside of having to use a wine decanter.



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